Healing Painful Sex

A Woman's Guide
Confronting, Diagnosing,
and Treating Sexual Pain


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For Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Coady is available for individual mentoring of medical professionals who desire to expand their knowledge and add a chronic pelvic, vulvar, and sexual pain component to their clinical practices. Please contact her at drcoady@sohoobgyn.com if you are interested. This is an under-served population of women needing your help!

Nancy Fish, MSW, MPH is available for consultations on how to help you understand and work with clients who have sexual difficulties or pain. Devastating emotional reactions are often a result of a medical problem, not the cause of sexual pain. Please contact Nancy at nancyfishbravman@gmail.com.

Sex and Wellness Educator Resources

Megan Andelloux: Sexologist, Sex Educator

Dr. Justine Shuey: Sexologist, Sex Educator

Ellen Heed: Sexological Bodyworker, Sex Educator

Dr. Jessica O'Reilly: Sex and Relationship Counselor

Additional Web Resources

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