Why Do Women Bear the Burden of Birth Control?

A recent article in The Guardian, "Contraception is no stroll in the park and men should share the stress", discusses problems with the implantable contraception, Implanon, which was "lost" in womens' arms at the site of implantation but is undetectible through current diagnostic devices. Implantable contraceptive devices are now being made that can be imaged with diagnostic machines. But the article addresses the larger issue of why women bear the onus of being responsible for birth control. When both women and men find condoms an undesirable form of birth control, it falls on the women to find an effective method of birth control. And many women don't like the idea of using hormone-altering pill, which often seems like the most burdensome form of contraception. As with many issues that affect women, the medical community  seems to lag in their sensitivity and knowledge when it comes to progressing past the 20th century of medical practices. Why do women have to educate their doctors about sexual pain issues and why do women have urge the medical community to investigate and research contraceptive devices for men? It is women who are on the forefront of advocating for proper and effective medical interventions for their medical concerns. As healthcare professionals, we must all continue to advocate for womens' health issues. Hopefully soon the medical community will move forward into the 21st century of medical knowledge.

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