Todd Akin: Toxic to All

After his comments about rape and pregnancy, Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin
is under intense pressure to drop out of the race. Republicans feared the turmoil over his remarks could cost them a crucial seat and damage their hopes of winning control of the Senate. Congressman Akin vowed to fight on despite the reactions to his extraordinarily inane and offensive comments that women's bodies can prevent pregnancies in cases of "legitimate" rape. His comments and views are misogynistic, ignorant, and frightening. It is such a sad comment about this country's political state of affairs that such a powerful figure who serves on the Science Committee of the House of Representatives would have the audacity to make such a hateful public comment regarding women and, just as sad, have so little scientific medical knowledge about the female reproductive system.  Does he even read, or talk to any medical doctors about his “Science”? Are there no requirements in knowledge or intelligence for assigning someone to the “Science” Committee, which has the power to make regulations that affect everyone's health, and that of our environment? Are there no advisers to these men who can have such power over women’s bodies? Our children know more about female reproduction than Mr. Akin does. But since the Republicans plan big cuts to education, we should worry, because more of us in this nation may become as ignorant of scientific facts as he is.

He did apologize when he realized his political career is in such jeopardy. However, once a comment like this is made, it is impossible to retract such an offensive statement.

Congressman Akin should pull out of the Senatorial race and should not be allowed to retain his seat in Congress. His comments are hopefully not reflective of most politicians. However, based on the general ignorance about reproductive health and sexual pain among most medical professionals, we must all be in an uproar and work vehemently to educate even the most educated individuals about female sexual issues.  We are horrified about the neglect of medical treatment for women suffering from sexual pain. And we are horrified in this day and age that a political figure like Todd Akin could hold views that are so hateful toward women.

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