The Scary Truth of Vaginal Rejuvenation

According to
this article on, Melanie Berliet, a 30-year-old-writer, posed as a vaginal rejuvenation patient to get an inside scoop for a story she was writing about the growing field. She ended up getting "an education in how doctors can tighten flabby tissue in a vaginoplasty, cut back the inner and outer lips of the labia and sometimes open the clitoral hood." Not only that, but one of the doctors basically told Berliet her boyfriend would propose after seeing her rejuvenated vagina. While this form of surgery has existed for ages, only recently has it taken leaps to cosmetic proportions, visually enhancing the genitalia to match the sights presented in pornography, among other deceiving visuals.

Why is that so many women feel so inadequate that they will put themselves  through a potentially dangerous surgery that can easily result in permanent sexual pain?  What message is society giving women that they feel they have to mutilate their bodies to be attractive to sexual partners or to feel more sensual?  What is an ideal vulva or vagina and who establishes the standard of the perfect vulva and vagina?

We urge women to find less invasive and drastic ways of enhancing their sex life and feeling more sexual.  There are millions of women who suffer from sexual pain as a result of medical conditions that are not within their control. Sexual pain can make your life a living hell!  Please don't risk developing a severe chronic pain condition for a surgery that will most likely not make you feel more sensual but can result in mutilation and pain. There is no such thing as a perfect vulva or vagina and there are so many other ways to feel better about yourself sexually.  Many women in Africa are fighting vehemently to avoid forced genital mutilation. So why are women willing to put themselves through potential mutilation for sexual enhancement? This is distorted thinking and we think that surgeons who are doing this type of unnecessary surgery should rethink their practices.

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