That Loving Feeling Takes a Lot of Work by Jane Brody

Thank you Jane Brody for your piece today on how to keep "that loving feeling" in long-term relationships. We continuously stress that non-sexual touches are essential in all relationships. Ms. Brody's article in The New York Times affirms this notion.  "A pat on the back, a squeeze of the hand, a hug, an arm around the shoulder -- the science of touch suggests that it can save a so-so marriage," Dr. Lyubomirsky (whom Ms. Brody quotes) writes. "Introducing more (nonsexual) touching and affection on a daily basis will go a long way in rekindling warmth and tenderness." We wholeheartedly agree and urge all those who can and cannot have typical sexual relations make sure that nonsexual touching becomes an integral part of your relationships.  Merely touching can maintain intimacy in a relationship. We hope you all enjoy Jane Brody's article as much as we did.

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