Sexological Bodyworks with Ellen Heed

Our conversation with Ellen Heed was quite educational and enlightening. Ms. Heed is trained in a form of therapy called sexological bodyworks. She has been educating students and clients about how to attain radiant health worldwide for over 10 years. Using keen perceptual skills to accurately assess the needs of her clients, Ellen connects the dots and facilitates outcomes for health issues ranging from chronic pain, sexual pain, emotional stagnation and nutritional imbalances.

has pioneered new techniques for scar tissues remediation for women and is a leading anatomy educator who trains yoga teachers, Sexological Bodyworkers, and other somatic professionals in this country and abroad. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Somatic Psychology and has a thriving practice in Los Angeles. In California, sexological bodyworkers are certified to do hands on manual therapy to soften scar tissue that can cause serious pain issues. Ellen uses a very light touch and there is no pain involved during or after her therapy treatment. She reports that she is very successful in treating a variety of sexual pain conditions through her innovative methods. There are sexological bodyworkers on the East Coast, but they are not certified to do hands on treatment.

We are learning so much when speaking with creative practitioners like Ellen Heed. We are all working toward the same goal -- alleviating sexual and pelvic pain. But thankfully  there are many paths to choose from so if you find that one is not helpful, than there are many other interventions you can try to ease your pain. That is why women should be so hopeful. There are so many talented out-of-the-box healthcare professionals that may provide a treatment modality that can help you! Check out her website,

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