Explaining Painful Sex with Food

Thankfully, international efforts are being made to educate women and healthcare professionals about vulvovaginal pain. The recently established Women 4Real on the UK is creatively addressing the lack of awareness about pelvic pain through many efforts including the video:

“Painful Sex vs. ‘Normal’ Sex: The Differences Explained With Food”

From their press release:

A new short film highlights a burning issue and offers a red-hot response to a viral video phenomenon that’s had 9 million views.

Sabine Tyrvainen, a health psychologist and Executive Director of Women4Real says: “Women4Real is an innovative new health and communications consultancy with a focus on women’s issues. Vulvodynia is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood and can have a detrimental effect on women’s self-esteem, quality of life and relationships. We want to bring about a shift in cultural attitudes and expectations around sexuality and to open up new perspectives and conversations on what’s real for women in terms of their sexual experience.”

Writer, broadcaster and PR consultant Sally Turner, who is Creative Director of Women4Real says: “We loved the concept of juxtaposing sexual health with porn and pleasure and using humour to engage a wider audience with a serious issue. Not all sexual pain is the ‘delicious’ Fifty Shades kind and we wanted to make a film that raises awareness of sexual pain in a different context. We want to help support women with vulvodynia, who are finding sex painful, to make a positive journey from ‘Ouch!’ to ‘Ooooh’.”

For an FAQ about this project please visit www.women4real.com, where you can also view the film. Women4Real is improving patient care for women with vulvodynia by developing an expert network, a CPD programme for GPs and health professionals, a mindfulness-based self-care course for women, new research and treatment options and further arts and media projects.

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