Healing Painful Sex, Megan Andelloux, and Jessica O'Reilly

Although all top sex educators and sexologists have different ways of presenting their needed information and varied perspectives, one thing we have noticed is that all of us have the same mission -- helping women and their partners become more comfortable in their "sexual skin."  Both nationally known experts in the field, Megan Andelloux and Jessica O'Reilly are busy almost every week of the year speaking at colleges or other important venues helping people who want more satisfaction out of their sex lives.

Our orientation is to help women who are in sexual pain find a way to feel sexy and sensual and to find a way 'to achieve intimacy through "out of the box" thinking.' Megan Andelloux and Jessica O'Reilly do not work from a "point of pain." However, the wonderful thing is that we all have the same goal and all are learning from each others' various areas of expertise. We may have different orientations and we are grateful for that. Because if we all educated in the same way, life would get very boring. We are grateful to learn from such noted experts and they in turn can learn about sexual pain from us. Basically, what we have learned throughout the process of writing our book and speaking with so many experts, is that mutual respect and collaboration is the key to helping people learn and feel comfortable with their sexuality. We strongly recommend that you visit Megan Andelloux (above left) and Jessica O'Reilly (above right) online!

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