Effects of an Insensitive Medical System

In a November 27, 2012 post on The Frisky, Lauren Passell writes about her harrowing experience with a painful medical condition in "I Have: Vaginal Cysts." She writes about her apprehension of approaching a doctor due to her embarrassment and fear that she would find out she had a serious medical condition. Her cysts were extremely painful and once she did finally seek medical attention, she was treated with insensitivity and ignorance. Unfortunately Ms. Passell's story is not unique -- so many of our patients have been inappropriately treated by the medical profession exacerbating their shame and fear about a medical condition in a very private part of their body. Once Ms. Passell started sharing her experiences with friends, she found out other women had the same condition, gained useful information, and felt she could be more open about her condition. She no longer felt ashamed. We have found that when women start sharing their "embarrassing" conditions with others, they feel less alone and can cope more effectively with their feelings. We also encourage all women to advocate for themselves -- you deserve to be treated with sensitivity, humanity, and dignity -- if you do not receive this treatment, it is time to look for another doctor. We understand how much strength and resiliency it takes to both deal with a frightening medical condition and demand proper treatment, but you are worth it! 

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