A Tale of Lichen Sclerosus

In the "It Happened to Me" section of xoJane on November 6, Frances Marley wrote poignantly about the harrowing experiences she had with both the diagnosis and treatment of her dermatological condition called Lichen Sclerosus. Lichen Sclerosus is an auto-immune skin condition that can be easily misdiagnosed. Unfortunately, Ms. Marley suffered with her Lichen Sclerosus far too long before receiving the correct diagnosis and proper treatment. If diagnosed early enough, this skin condition can usually be kept in remission through the use or topical ointments (including corticosteroid ointments). If anyone experiences the symptoms included in Ms. Marley's article, you should probably ask your gynecologist or dermatologist to do a skin biopsy and ask that the individual reading the pathology report be a dermopathologist.  Sometimes a regular pathologist can miss the diagnosis and make an incorrect interpretation (this condition is covered in our book in chapter 6). We applaud Ms. Marley for writing about such a personal story and sharing such important information with other women who may be suffering from the same condition. We always urge women to advocate for themselves and never accept a diagnosis or treatment plan that doesn't feel right.

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